About Gulf Coast Consulting, Inc.

Gulf Coast Consulting, Inc. (GCC) is a corporation established in July 2003 by a partnership of experienced professionals in the land development business.  Led by Mr. Sean P. Cashen, P.E. LEED AP, Mr. Robert Pergolizzi, AICP/PTP,  and Mr. Krikor Greg Kassarjian, P.ENG/EI, who combined have over ninety years of local experience, Gulf Coast Consulting has the knowledge and the ability to handle all aspects of land development.  This includes the entire process from conceptual and regulatory planning through construction observation and certifications.  These individuals have a proven track record of providing quality services to successfully complete projects.

We understand the goal for all land development projects is to prepare a quality,   functional and economical site design to meet and exceed our client’s goals, objectives and schedule.  This work effort also includes obtaining all the required permits and ensuring construction is completed in a timely manner.  The principals at Gulf Coast Consulting can provide the professional consulting services to accomplish and exceed our clients’ goals. Being a small company we can be more responsive and provide more personalized service to our family of clients.  At Gulf Coast Consulting your project will be led by a principal of the firm who will be involved in all engineering and technical aspects of the project and will represent the client at all meetings our staff currently includes two Florida registered Professional Engineers, an AICP Certified Planner, two Designer / Planners, two Design Engineers, and other support staff.  All of our designers are knowledgeable and fluent with the latest Computer Aided Drafting Design (CADD) technology. Our goal is to provide responsive and professional service at the highest level and continue to provide specialized treatment and dedicated service to our clients. 

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that by constant communication and collaboration with our clients, as part of an overall team framework, exceptionally successful projects will be the only result.  We are committed to working with our clients and providing outstanding engineering and land development services and a better way of doing business.   It is our goal to completely distinguish ourselves in providing quality, reliable, responsive and trustworthy service to our clients.

We look forward to serving you and demonstrating our professional capabilities and proven track record.